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Universal Toner

Remanufactured Universal Toner Supplied by IPW
One size fits many
Simplify your ordering process and reduce inventory needs with universal toner cartridges. Compatible with multiple brands of office printers, one universal cartridge from IPW can reduce the need to purchase separate units from IBM, Lexmark, Toshiba, Unisys, Dell and other OEMs.

Here's an example: HP sells separate toner cartridges for its 4700 and 4730 color laser printers. Cartridges for one model have a 10,000-page life span, the other is rated for 12,000 pages. IPW sells one universal product – in cyan, magenta, yellow and black – that fits both printers. And with a 12,000-page capability, users of the HP 4700 receive a 20% productivity increase over the OEM cartridges – in addition to serious cost savings.

How we're different
Considering the enormous benefits of universal cartridges, one wonders why all manufacturers don't offer them. The answer is engineering. OEMs often design toner cartridges so they physically fit only one specific printer model. Additionally, some OEMs install microchips that allow toner cartridges to identify themselves to printers. If the printer doesn't recognize the cartridge, it won't use it.

IPW overcame these hurdles by devising improved components. We install new waste bins and microchips on our universal toner cartridges that allow one model to slide perfectly into multiple printers, and be recognized once they're there.

The proof is in the numbers
If you're like most businesses, your office accomplishes its printing with a variety of printer brands and models. When you can put one cartridge on the shelf that will fit five, 10 or 20 different printers, that's huge. (In fact, one particular IPW universal toner cartridge fits 52 printer models.)

For less money than OEMs products – and with identical reliability – you can reduce your need for on-hand consumables and streamline your ordering process with IPW universal toner cartridges.

Featured Universal Toner

Universal Toner - Featured Cartridge Supplied by IPW
  • IPW 845-63U cartridge
  • Replaces six popular brand model series:
  •   - Lexmark T630 series
    - IBM Infoprint 1130/1140
    - Source Tech 9130/9140
    - Standard Register PL series
    - Toshiba e-Studio series
    - Unisys UDS-140 series
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