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High Yield Toner

High Yield Remanufactured Toner Cartridge SupplierSqueeze more life out of every cartridge
Stretch your budget and lower your cost-per-page with IPW's high yield toner cartridges. You get more print jobs out of every cartridge, which reduces hassle and increases office productivity. And, with less waste, it's better for the environment.

Put more toner on the page
Crack open any “empty” OEM cartridge and you'll see a significant amount of toner has merely moved from one storage bin to another. Every time a page passes through your printer, excess toner is discarded; about 30% of what OEMs put into a cartridge stays there.

A cartridge's toner capacity is finite. We can't stuff more toner into the limited space, but we can be smarter with the available resources. To maximize the life span of IPW remanufactured toner cartridges, we use custom components that improve on the OEM design and relegate less toner to the trash. Put simply, we replace the standard parts with better ones.

Covering all of the big brands
Thanks to never-ending innovation and a tireless R&D department, IPW offers high yield toner cartridges that even the OEMs don't make. Whether you own Dell, HP, IBM, Lexmark, Toshiba or Unisys laser printers – including popular MICR printers and fax machines – IPW has a wide variety of products that allow you to get more for less.

Featured High-Yield Toner

High Yield Toner - Featured Cartridge
  • IPW 845 series cartridges
  • Replaces HP 4250 and 4350 LaserJets
  • Doubles page yield
  • 30% longer life span - Lexmark T630 series
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